Let's create a
safer DIY mask.

by Jessica Nandino, RN

Your mask needs

to seal around your face to Work properly.

to be made with tightly woven
100% cotton fabric.

to be
washed often.

a filter pocket to
increase protection

Print, Cut, & Mark Pattern

Print & Cut
your Paper pattern

*Print at 80% for smaller faces and children*
Masks should NEVER be placed on children younger than 3, or individuals unable to remove the mask on their own.

Cut out
Mask Face Pattern x2

Fold Fabric in half and cut out Mask Face Pattern template x2 from 100% cotton. Outward-facing fabric,inside-lining fabric, and interfacing (optional).

Iron non-woven fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of inside-lining fabric (optional).

Cut/mark notches for pleats and folds along the left side, right side, and bottom.

*These pleats and folds make the mask stretch and shape your mask and help to create a snug seal with the wearers face.

Cut out
Side-binding & Ties.

2 strips of fabric, 2" x 42"

1 strip of fabric, 2" x 10"

Mark Top Darts

Mark top darts with pencil on the wrong sides of 2 mask face pieces.

1. Press &
Sew Horizontal Pleats

Position the mask

With 2 mask face pieces on top of each other, right side out, inside lining fabric towards you and outside fabric facing the ironing board. Top of the mask pointing away from you.

Step One:

Fold a straight line between 1st notches on the left and right side. You should fold the top side of the mask towards you. Press in place.

Step Two:

Flip mask face over. Outside fabric facing towards you and lining fabric facing the ironing board. Same as above, but with 2nd notches on the left and the right side. Again, fold the top side of the mask towards you.  Press in place.


You have made a pleat! Press with hot iron.

Repeat Step One above with the 3rd notches and Step Two with the 4th notches. Press second pleat.
Repeat Step One for a final time with the 5th notches and Step Two with the 6th notches. Press the third pleat.  

Stitch pleats in place using a 1/2" seam allowance. Trim sewn side edges to ¼ inch.

2. Dart, Hem & Fold

Flip the mask

Pin in darts and inner pocket hem.

Stitch in darts. Stitch in pocket hem.

Flip mask right side out.

Nest top darts together and pin at midline. 

Pin folds. With the outside of the mask facing away from you, and the bottom edge of the mask facing up, create ½” fold along markings. Pin and stitch folds in place.

3. Press Binding

Set the mask face aside.

Get your 2” strips and your iron.

Fold and press 1/4” hem on both sides lengthwise of binding. 

Fold in half, hems facing towards each other, and press again.

*Call your friend with a 3D printer and ask them to print you a bias tape maker.*

4. Bind Sides

Get mask face

Pin binding onto left and right sides.

Sew binding using a ⅜” seam allowance.

Trim binding at top and bottom of sides, following curve of mask.

5. Bind Bottom

Mark middle
of bottom

Mark middle of bottom tie and pin to middle of bottom edge of mask. 

Tuck and hem binding ends. 

Back stitch where bottom binding crosses side binding. Sew binding using a ⅜” seam allowance.

6. Bind Top

Mark middle
of top tie

Mark middle of top tie and pin to middle of top edge of mask.

Hem binding edges.

Back stitch where top binding crosses side binding.

Once you have reached the mask face, stop and insert 4” strip of ¼” aluminum flat wire. The fat wire should sandwich between the front of the mask face and binding layer.

Stitch in place. 

Continue to sew binding, using the same 3/8” seam allowance. Vertical stitches to the left and right sides of aluminum flat wire to keep it centered in the mask.

You did it!
Rock out in your new mask

Thank you!